Hog Roast Hertford

FullSizeRenderHertford is a town which has beautiful landmarks and exciting attractions such as; the Butterfly World Project, Bassingbourn Snowsports Centre, Newbold White House, Edmundson-Fox Memorial and many more. Hertford was also home to famous Harry Potter star Rupert Grint Aka Ron Weasley and the home town of band Deep Purple and now home to Hog Roast Hertford we have had such an adventure and will look on expanding the knowledge of our hog roast service across all of Hertfordshire.

We have catered for some of the local Museums and near some outstanding landmarks which has provided an amazing scenic view. There is various amount of entertainment in Hertford having over 25 pubs and clubs, many food and drink establishments, 35 restaurants, takeaways and snack bars, swimming pool, gym facilities and a small skate park. We also have a football team called Hertford Town F.C who will hopefully perform well this year and are in the football League soon. Our hog roasts are slowly becoming more and more popular in the community and we are getting more and more bookings, we hope the surge in bookings will increase our reputations within the Hertfordshire area.

The Best Hog Roasts In Hertford

With hog roast Hertford expanding out of the region, and though our name says Hertford, we will always be more than welcome to cater for any jobs, ensuring the hog roasts catering experience is available to towns, cities and villages outside of the region. Delivering our amazing dishes to any function. We have been involved in a number of outdoor catering events throughout the region, and also work in collaboration with a local restaurant pub.
Being a hog roast Hertford caterer sees up cater for many different types of events with many different types of people attending each event.

A recent event saw us cater for 75 guests; at which they had opted for a menu of local free range spit roasted chicken served with stuffing and homemade onion gravy. Of course, this menu also consisted of accompaniments and not just meal in a bun. The chef’s choice of two salads and warm new potatoes in herb butter added to the already rustic feel of the menu. All of this took place in a huge garden in the hills. There was more than enough room for the guests to enjoy their party as we did our thing at the serving station.

Leaders In Our Field

Within the region around Hertford, there is a variety of different aspects of the modern gastronomic revolution. A large part of this gastronomic revolution is due to the fact we are based in a wide-spread region which offers a variety of fresh produce, allowing us to create competitive prices which can be passed on to our customers and clients. Ensuring that we can give our customers, the most satisfying package, engineered and developed to successfully allow our effective and efficient catering experience for all of our customers.

Hog Roast HertfordThe cost of hiring a hog roast for your hog roast party in Hertford is very reasonable. The machines can be used for cooking in a number of ways, the first way is tray cooking in the hog roast oven, which is your pig cooking inside the machine, or chicken, lamb or beef. You might not think that sounds like as much fun, but because we design our own machines we made some changes to our ovens so that they’re equally as impressive as the spit roasting, so that now if you choose to tray cook your pig in the oven people will still be able to watch as it cooks, as we’ve added a see-through panel to the front of the machines, so you’re not losing out on the visual experience that makes hog roasting all the more better than anything else.