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Hog Roast Machine HireWe hire out two sizes of hog roast machines the bigger titan hog roast machines which can cater for all sizes of celebrations and the professional hog roast machine ideal for events with up to 50 people. Here at Spitting Pig Hertfordshire we have the benefit of being able to draw on twenty years experience of what you need a hog roast machine to do. You want it to look great, you want the customers to be able to see the pig whilst it is cooking, you want it to do the job it is supposed to do and you want it to be as easy as possible. This is exactly what our hog roast hire machines do! Because all of our hog roast machines are built by Spitting Pig, who have learnt by using the machines daily for twenty years what the machines need to be able to do, the hog roast machines are easier than ever to use, meaning that anybody can now have a hog roast party. If you hire a hog roast machine from us, it will be delivered with you and collected, with full instructions of how to use it. With or without a hog to roast, the choice is yours. The instructions are very straight forward; you simply sit the pig in the hog roast machine and turn it on! just like using an oven.

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Today we are catering for Mario, who is having a Christening party in his parents back garden hog roast Stevenage. We seem to be getting more and more bookings for hog roast in Stevenage these days and this area of Hertfordshire is becoming a regular haunt for the Spitting Pig Hertfordshire teams for Hertfordshire hog roast catering events both big and small. Mario had asked for the pig to be served with the head on. This is unusual these days as most pigs come without a head, but with the family being Greek, the head is considered a delicacy and will almost certainly be eaten. We decided to cook the pig in the hog tray on this occasion and not on the spit. The difference being that when on the spit pole, the pig rotates. This is a focal point for the party and is a great spectacle when a lot of guests are gathered in the garden on a hot summers evening. When the pig is cooked in the hog tray, it sits inside the hog roast machine and the ends of the machine are sealed and it roasts while basting in its own juices. I actually believe the crackling does come out better using this method, although you do not get as much as there is no crackling around the belly of the pig. But the meat, especially the under belly is so succulent and moist it really does just melt in your mouth.

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When we cook a pig this way, the different cuts of meat do cook completely different and it is good, especially at parties with around fifty or sixty guests to be able to take the time and ask what type of the meat they prefer and actually slice the meat and serve straight into the bun as we go along. A lot of guests like the moist, juicy meat from around the belly and as this has been basting in the juices for five or six hours. Today none of the guests were at the house in the morning and as it was so cold, only John and I were in the garden for the Tring hog roast . At serving time we lifted the pig to the serving position and the guests quickly nipped out to be greeted by the pig sitting there with a large apple in its mouth. After serving we carved the pig and left some large joints and several platters of sliced meat for Mario to put in the fridge for a later date. We put the head with apple in the mouth on a platter and dressed the platter with the spare ribs and it looked quite a spectacle sitting on the kitchen side as a centre piece in between the salads and meats they had set out to accompany the hog roast. After clearing up, we headed home and met up with a couple of mates for a game of squash and then a few pints in our favourite local, The steam coach, which over looks Boxmoor common and really is a nice place to unwind after a hard days work.

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