Hog Roast Rickmansworth

Hog Roast RickmansworthAt Hog Roast Rickmansworth we’ve spent a little over two decades now as a premium caterer offering customers the unique and special experience of authentic hog roast dining at their events. With this specialist service we have accelerated to being the nation’s favour roast caterer for events, so hey, why not enjoy the countries number one catered experience at your own events in Rickmansworth today too!

Come on over to Hog Roast Rickmansworth today to get the very best in event dining with a special selection of well roasted foods and meats, a staple hog roast, and stylish service and dining that takes your event up another level.  We’re available and waiting to bring you premium service at affordable costs to all manner of special occasions, from weddings to corporate events, festivals, social club evenings, anniversary dinners and more! It’s not an event until Hog Roast Rickmansworth roll into the kitchen, so get on board today!

For our speciality hog roast we have refashioned the traditional hog and spit roasting technique into a more modern unit, fully encapsulated as self-contained machine to allow for easier mobility and better versatility in our cooking methods while also preserving the once beloved and traditional spectacle and culinary style of authentic hog roast cooking. The reason our services have become so acclaimed is precisely because of this authentic and unique spectacle that our roasts provide to events; hog roasting in its authentic form is seen less and less these days but thanks to our state-of-the-art solution your events can enjoy the same culinary brilliance that has warmed events and celebrations across the globe for centuries!

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Our foods are all made fresh on site at your event to ensure the best tastes in every dish. They also all come from top-end vendors and local farming for that added quality, as well as allowing you to always know and trust where your food has come from. With better meats and foods comes even better dining, and with our chef’s expertise we have a wide-ranging menu of incredible dishes fit for every taste. Meaty roasts, vegan and veggie delights, fresh salads and sides, luxurious desserts – it’s all in the name with Hog Roast Rickmansworth!

So come and create your perfect menu and catered service with the Hog Roast Rickmansworth team today! It only takes one call or message.