Hog Roast Wheathampstead

Hog Roast WheathampsteadFor traditional event dining in a traditional village like Wheathampstead, simply call for the fine roast tastes of Hog Roast Wheathampstead today. We are an event caterer that has dedicated ourselves to the age-old culinary practice of authentic hog roasting. With this most magnificent of dishes, we believe that we can turn events into a truly spectacular experience for guests of all ages, as all can enjoy both the spectacle and the tastes of our freshly made roasts.

The traditional hog roast may well be a practice older than the Bull Inn, but at Hog Roast Wheathampstead we like to marry traditionality with a more modern approach. For your event, we bring our very own mobile hog roast machine to add a unique and special blend of traditionality with modern brilliance guaranteed to impress at every occasion. With our slow-cooking spit roaster and fresh preparation your event gets the bonus of not only a fabulous tasting hog roast, but also a spectacle that is seldom seen elsewhere.

The Titan and Hog Master are pro’s of our very own creation make roast dining better and easier than ever before with its efficient packing, versatility in cooking, and exceptional quality in results. Hog Roast Wheathampstead guarantees high quality in high volume every time, making us the perfect caterer for you!

We know that for your events you just want a caterer that can provide all that you need at a cost that is fair. While our dining may be premium, at Hog Roast Wheathampstead our pricing is not, as we instead focus on affordable and flexible pricing that can work with a number of quality menus for your dining pleasure!

Hog Roast WheathampsteadCatered Menus For Every Occasion In Wheathampstead

Hog Roast Wheathampstead applies variety as well as quality to every one of our events. The hog roast comes special for the heart of any event, but it would mean little without its full complement of exceptional menu options too. Enjoy your hog roast with a delicious halloumi and veg skewer, or our Alfresco antipasti platter, or our many new potato and baby potato roasts. With Hog Roast Wheathampstead whatever you want is what you get!

So, don’t miss out – call Hog Roast Wheathampstead for event catering today!