Celebrate Your 80th In Style With A Little Help From Hog Roast Streatley

Celebrating a milestone birthday is always a lot of fun, especially when you get to host a party with friends and family in attendance. At Hog Roast Streatley, we have a variety of buffet menus that are ideal for enjoying at the party, including this delicious choice…

This January, Hog Roast Streatley catered for a great party for Angela’s 80th birthday. The event took place at Streatley Village Hall, which was decorated with plenty of party décor, including 2 banners each saying ‘Happy 40th Birthday’, since 40+40=80! For the catering, our manager Darren was hired to provide a buffet lunch for 65 guests. We discussed several of our menus with Angela and it was decided that a classic hog roast would be ideal, alongside a meat-free dish and a tasty selection of sides.

Hog Roast StreatleyOn the day of the event, the Hog Roast Streatley team arrived at the hall in the morning to give us plenty of time to prepare for the 13:30 serving time. We began by slow-roasting the hog and allowing it over five hours to cook. Once ready, it was expertly carved and served in fresh bread rolls, alongside sage and onion stuffing, homemade applesauce, and crispy crackling. Additionally, we provided grilled vegetables and halloumi skewers as a tasty meat-free main dish. Once it was time to serve the menu, the guests lined up at our buffet station to grab a plate of what we had to offer. The mains were served with new potatoes, a selection of seasonal salad dishes, and gourmet coleslaw, creating a varied and nutritious buffet lunch. The menu had plenty for everyone to enjoy and was the perfect addition to the party. Overall, Angela’s 80th birthday was a lot of fun and she had a great day surrounded by her friends and family!

To find out more about how Hog Roast Streatley can cater for your party, simply let us know your party size, date, and location and we can do the rest. We hope to hear from you soon!