Hog Roast Borehamwood Was On Hand To Help Clancy Celebrate A Magnificent Milestone!

Clancy, the UK’s leading privately owned construction company, recently marked a significant milestone in its storied history – four decades in its current building! The celebration was nothing short of grand, a testament to the company’s numerous achievements, successes, and accolades accumulated over the years.

Lloyd, the driving force behind the event, spared no effort in organising a monumental affair that would be etched in the memories of all who attended. The company’s headquarters on Coppermill Lane were transformed into a lively party paradise, complete with a carnival-like atmosphere featuring an array of fairground rides for both staff and their families to enjoy. The night sky was illuminated with a thrilling fireworks display that left everyone in awe.

Adding to the festivities, the catering was handled by our expert team at Hog Roast Borehamwood, who were led by our faithful catering manager, Darren. The culinary spread featured the iconic Classic Hog Roast Menu, a feast that perfectly complemented the celebratory ambience. The 5:30 pm serving time saw 450 guests eagerly awaiting a mouth-watering meal – and you can bet we delivered!

Hog Roast BorehamwoodThe menu, curated with care by Hog Roast Borehamwood’s dedicated team, included 150 delicious homemade beef burgers and 150 gourmet sausages. For the vegetarians, there were grilled vegetable kebabs with the option of adding halloumi – a thoughtful touch that ensured there was something for everyone. Fries, gluten-free rolls, and wraps were also on hand, catering to various dietary preferences.

Just as Hog Roast Borehamwood had hoped, the food went down a storm, with guests indulging in our lip-smacking grub as they revelled in the vibrant atmosphere. The combination of delectable dishes and a spectacular fireworks display created an unforgettable experience for everyone present. It was a night of laughter, togetherness, and reflection on the incredible journey Clancy has undertaken since its founding in 1958.

As the festivities concluded, it was clear that Clancy’s dedication to excellence extended beyond construction projects. The celebration not only marked the company’s enduring success but also highlighted its commitment to creating a vibrant and inclusive community within its workforce. Here’s to Clancy – four decades of achievements and many more to come!