Hog Roast High Wych’s Homemade Treats For All!

You may be surprised to find out that Hog Roast High Wych can cater with all sorts of delicious food in addition to our mouthwatering hog roast centrepieces, and with both alternative options as well as supplemental ones, we’ve got plenty of homemade treats for you to choose from. We understand if you’re here for one of our stunning hog roasts, as we’re renowned for them, whether you fancy yours as pigs in buns (which is our name for hog roast rolls) or to enjoy together with your choice of vegetables and potatoes or fresh salads and coleslaw. However, we also love to provide lots of choice and variety so that those who prefer different meat or who have dietary needs can also eat our lovely food, and in case you’re thinking of having a menu of multiple courses, we have a whole host of additional food available too.

Hog Roast High WychRegardless of the type of party or event that you’re organising or its formality, our food is highly suitable, from our hog roasts to our spit-roasted meats and dishes for diets and from our standalone menus to our great selection of canapés, starters, sides and desserts so you can choose your own menu if you prefer. Your Hog Roast High Wych menu is all up to you, depending on your wishes and your guests’ needs, as we give you the flexibility to make it your own, so you can browse our extensive menus and pick and choose to your heart’s content if that’s better for you, or we can help you to decide, or we can instead serve a standalone where you also get to decide on particular elements in advance. If you’d like a spit roast on the day instead, we can wow with brisket of beef, a whole English lamb or some turkeys or chickens, and if you need dishes for any diets, just tell us when you book and we can help you decide on the perfect alternatives.

Whatever you’re planning and no matter the type of menu you’re after, contact our Hog Roast High Wych experts today and we can assist you in perfecting it, and that’s with everyone you’re inviting in mind.