Hog Roast Cranfield Corporate Catering For Any Number Of Guests

These days corporate events tend to lack in the catering department. With companies getting larger and more and more people attending events, it has been hard for caterers to keep up and be able to supply enough food for all attending. Not to mention meet any dietary requirements and restrictions. Well, not Hog Roast Cranfield! Our professional team of chefs and waiters can supply food for any and all events- the more guests the better in our opinion!

Hog Roast CranfieldThis week Hog Roast Cranfield had been enlisted at the request of Sarah from a local Cranfield business. The company was hosting an annual conference for all the local branches to get together and share news on how the business was doing and any updates to the running of the company that has occurred over the previous twelve months. With a long day ahead of everyone, some good food was needed to perk everyone up for the afternoon session which is where Hog Roast Cranfield comes in!

After talking with the event organisers, they had decided to keep things simple with a classic Hog Roast Cranfield rolls menu. This involves us slowly roasting a hog for several hours before carving into thick slices and serving up with tangy applesauce, sage and onion stuffing and layer upon layer of crispy crackling. For the vegetarians, we cooked up some of our speciality grilled vegetable and halloumi skewers with a tzatziki dip served up in pitta bread. Finally, with a whole table dedicated to accompaniments including various salads, some chips and corn on the cob, we had prepared a corporate menu to rival all others.

When the guests entered our catering suite after a long morning the look of delight on everyone’s faces made all the effort worthwhile. We happily served and chatted to everyone making sure everyone was offered seconds before discreetly tidying away and leaving the venue spotless for their next event.